Event screenshots in BDO remind me of GW2, where it’s just a blurry mass of bodies participating and difficult to get an awesome shot – normally a good thing, speaking volumes about the population.

This weekend was one filled with events to partake in, and on the 13th the Halloween ones begin in BDO. I know this has been an attempt at player retention while other games did their thing (that’s right New World, I’m looking at you) and I’m quite happy that I can benefit from it. On Friday/Saturday/Sunday the GM’s hosted rift events on Season_2 and Season_3 servers where you could show up to one of four locations and defeat some rift mobs for a chance at season+ items (mostly used to enchant your gear). I got a bunch of tuvala ore, some time-filled black stones – and an awesome DUO tuvala belt. The belt was especially nice because I don’t bother enchanting my accessories in BDO, so it was a free upgrade. The GM ran the event twice for us on Sunday as it was the last round, and everyone was thankful and praised them for their efforts. Sure, chat was typical PVP game chat (pretty crass) but I think for the most part everyone had a great time.

Then there were some twitch drops that have ran for a few days. You basically watch a BDO twitch streamer who has drops enabled and you’d get various free things. One of the things you could claim was a copy of the game, there were three chances for that actually. A few friends picked it up and I’m glad they didn’t miss out on the opportunity. I found some new streamers to watch (Salt, is one who does a lot of RNG enchanting on his channel that was amusing to watch) and it was neat to see how others play the game.

The fishing event that I’ve been participating in for a few days now wraps up on the 13th (maintenance, a bunch of other things ends then too and then Halloween begins) so I’ve been trying to take advantage of that as much as I can. My Lahn is partially into 57 now, and I’ve been questing through her main story in an attempt at wrapping it up. I’ve also been working on enchanting my gear which is finally at the tuvala stage, but no where near PEN. I keep failing the enchants – a lot.

The guild is doing well, I believe we’ve got 6 members now, two of those being myself. I don’t think or expect the game to have staying power for everyone, but it’s certainly something I’ve settled into as being my main game and I’m quite happy with that decision.

You can find me in game under the family name Reveurs – or Soiree. Our guild is Quail’s Tale Tavern, we’re life skillers and proud of it, hehe!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “GM Events, Twitch Drops, and Fishing – Oh My!”
  1. My goal with every session is to try to identify 1 or 2 items in my inventory and figure out what they are for :).

    Last night I discovered Sweet Honey Wine (?) is for Tiering up fairies but you need 400 of them!? So in the long term storage they go. Then there are Brilliant Crimson Fire Flowers which are, I think, for increasing the strength of a horse (Courser).

    Slow and steady. I still am super confused between what enhances which type of gear (Seasonal vs non-Seasonal) but I’ll get there eventually!

    Which reminds me, I’m gonna go re-read your post about PEN. :)

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