Yesterday a really awesome Halloween patch was released in BDO, but of course instead of looking into that at all I’ve been working on my life skills. First, the fishing event ended (boo) and that happened to be my major form of income for a while. Now I’m looking into other things. I started learning about contribution points, nodes, and workers. Basically you spend points unlocking things on the maps (nodes) and then you can put workers there to gather / harvest whatever that node provides. It gets more complicated than that with linking nodes and finding valuable workers, but that’s the basics.

I used this node calculator to figure out what I wanted where, and to start off I went pretty simple. I have 5 workers. I have one doing chicken/eggs – I use this to create grilled bird meat, and it feeds all of my workers. That’s right, they have stamina and they can run out. Then I have another worker gathering potatoes. This can be used as flour or a number of other things. My third worker is out harvesting grapes, another is gathering iron, and my final worker gathers honey.

With these supplies I can either use them to produce items (like grilled bird meat) and then use those items, or sell them, either to players or NPC. I haven’t worked out everything I want to do with it all yet, but it’s a nice start into cooking and I’m currently at cooking skilled 4 which makes me pretty happy. Cooking is also nice and relaxing, in fact almost all the life skills are. Probably why I enjoy them so much. I spent some time working training and leveling up my horses so that I can breed them, but that will be another time.

I haven’t decided which character I want to boost with my time piece yet. You might recall that everyone gets a time piece this season and it basically swaps your current season character to another character, boosting them to the same level with the same skill points. My Shai is currently my season character, at level 60 (ideally you’d want 61/62 but I’m happy with 60) and I’d like to boost a combat orientated character to finish off the rest of the season pass. I did create a tamer which is lots of fun, but I’m not sure if that’s who I want to actually play. I also have a guardian at 58 that I’d like to reach 60-61/62 with. I’m thinking training books for that one.

Then there’s my entire other account, where I also have a shai and a lahn. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that one yet.

I won a BDO twitter contest this week, which was awesome! I got (hah) another copy of the game, and a master pack of goodies that I’m hoping to use on my main account since it’s so far behind all the new goodies everyone gets. I’ll give the game copy to a friend, or my husband since he’s expressed a little interest in playing and of course I want to foster that! I’m hoping to explore the Halloween things tomorrow, but it has been a busy week with not a lot of free time, and it has been uncomfortable to sit at my desk for any length, so we’ll have to see. For now I am in game mostly AFK just doing the life skill thing (as it is meant to be done).

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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