Yesterday I was doing my cooking and thinking to myself “what the hell use is this stuff, we can buy better from vendors” – and then I learned about Imperial Cooking.

Basically after you’ve cooked some stuff (I’m doing grilled bird, as an example) you hit the L key, tab over to Imperial cuisine, and you can stuff those items you’ve made into boxes that weigh 50LT each – package them up, and then deliver them to one of two NPC in the lands (I use Oliva, it’s close the NPC is Lotz Pavarotti). You can sell them to these people for a nice hefty sum – if someone else hasn’t already delivered all of the items for that good. It’s shared server wide, but varies per server, so let’s say the imperial dude is accepting 500 boxes of chicken on one server, on another someone might have already sold a bunch so he’s accepting 32, or zero.

This AM I made 1400 grilled chicken, packaged them up, and delivered them for a nice little sum. There are different boxes for each tier of crafting and a nice list of items you can package up can be found here which is a fantastic site if you don’t want to watch a video for everything. Sometimes, I just want to read the text.

Any way, now my Shai is at skilled 10 and I’m really happy with that. The workers are eating their chicken and the excess is being sold to the imperial dude, and I’m not going to ask what he’s doing with so many boxes of supplies, after all that’s a bit rude.

One more mechanic that I’ve managed to figure out thanks to guild mates and web sites! The list continues to grow. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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