When it comes to hiring workers to do chores for you, there are three you can choose from. Giant, human, and goblin. Goblins work the fastest, but they also are the weakest and they require a lot of food upkeep. Not great for overnight crafting/harvesting sessions. Giants have a lot of strength, but they’re also the slowest. I found them far too slow for my node harvesting endevours. Humans are between the two, and they’re a pretty good balance for my game play style. Every 10 levels when they’re done working you can attempt a promotion, so right now for 24 hours PotatoGob is working on a promotion test. He can fail this test, but if he passes his name will turn blue like the other two at the bottom of the list who are ‘skilled’ workers.

I took a page from PixelOne in guild and have named them after their activities, just to keep them straight in my mind. So far I just have them out in the world harvesting for me so I can take their materials and then craft with them, we’ll see what other trouble we can get into. I think I’d like to craft furniture, or maybe ships, but I have no idea what any of that entails. Yet.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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