Life is too short to play games that I don’t enjoy, or to play games that I don’t enjoy as much as xyz game. That’s what happened with New World for me – and I don’t think spending a lot of time talking about something that I simply didn’t enjoy is a good way to go about things. That being said, I had already put up a post about my thoughts on New World September 30th – and I haven’t logged in since. It’s more of a case of ‘I already have a game I fully enjoy’ rather than ‘there are a million things wrong preventing me from playing’ though there ARE some things wrong. It also just didn’t fit into my gaming style. I go AFK all the time. I don’t get a lot of ‘sit down and play’ time – and BDO caters to my specific style of gaming. There are things I can do while AFK. I can fish, I can train my horse, I can craft, I can even gain experience and skill points at the training dummy. When I’m ready to sit down and play there is a plethora of things to do, and the world is just breathtaking.

Will I return to New World? Maybe, in a few months when things have changed/updated. Games are always evolving and nothing looks exactly the same as their release date. I knew the game wasn’t going to be for me, and I bought into the hype anyway when I was perfectly content playing what I was already playing. Sometimes, FOMO (fear of missing out) just wins.

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