Black Desert Online has a lot going for it – but this game relies almost exclusively on RNG and that can sometimes be incredibly frustrating. To reduce RNG in the game you can earn items, get free ones from claim, or of course purchase them from the shop.

Everything. Is RNG. Your loot, your gear, your horse breeding, there are elements in all of it.

Last night I got Elma (my female T5 horse) to level 30, and Melvin (my male T5 horse) to 29 – I paid the 30,000 silver fee to start the 2.2h breeding process. RNG stated I had an 8% chance at a T8 horse, and some other random chances at T7 or T6 horses. At least it would be an upgrade, no matter which way the tokens fell.

I ended up with a T6 female that looked very much like the T5s with a bigger mane. I sold the T5 female I used to breed (Elma) since females only come with one chance at breeding unless you reset them (and I wasn’t going to use a reset token on a T5) for 30,000,000 silver which I was quite happy with. Now I have a T7 female, a T6 female, a T5 male, and another horse that I haven’t registered yet. Breeding horses isn’t an enormous money maker for me personally, but I do hope to one day get a T8 that I can attempt to make into a dream horse, and it’s something I can work on while mostly AFK doing other things.

All in all? It was a pretty great night.

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