I’ve played a lot of games where it’s detrimental to have a small guild – especially in MMOs where PVP reigns supreme. It makes sense, the biggest collection of people tend to be required for objectives.

This isn’t the case in Black Desert Online – at least in some aspects.

Guilds are categorized based on their size. From 1-15 you’re considered a small guild. Right now we have 10 members, and about 6 of us are actively playing. When I first started the guild I thought we’d always be too small to obtain any of the guild buffs that I wanted active because in other games that is most certainly the case. Opening the guild mission window though, I was pleasantly surprised. The missions are also organized based on the size of your guild, so if you’re a small guild, you have small missions.

These missions are broken into three categories. There’s combat, life, and trade. They can be completed (with effort) solo – and they’re even easier if you get together and do them. Last night three of us joined up (well, I hardly counted, I was level 15 and being power leveled by my husband’s Sage) and in less than an hour we had defeated the 1200 mobs required for our mission.

This gave us enough guild experience for me to purchase the next tier of gathering buff, essential to collecting items. We’ve also already finished obtaining the fishing perks, and next we’ll be working on AP (which I think means attack power) to give a nice little passive boost to that.

It’s nice not to feel completely useless as a guild. It’s nice to be able to earn coin and buffs and to join together and get things done. I wish there was a bit more selection for the other categories (there’s rarely any trade quests, there’s a page and a bit of life, and most of the missions are combat centered) but I’ve come to appreciate what we do have. If any mutuals out there are looking for a guild to call home you’re welcome to look me up in game and come join us.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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