It is coming to the end of the season in Black Desert Online, and I’m trying to decide who I want to play next. I currently have 8 characters but am in the middle of deleting one (the 49 Shai, more details about that later) and I already have two characters that I enjoy a great amount. They include my 61 Lahn (favourite class by far), and my 57 Shai who dreams of one day being 61. I keep intending on making her my main, but then I get distracted.

I decided to use my time piece on a witch, so I now have a 61 witch, and I also leveled up a 56 archer, a 55 sorcerer, a 56 corsair, and a 54 nova. Next season my intention is to level up a tamer – but the class revamps also happen around December 22nd, so how things play will change. I’m looking forward to these changes because as it turns out not all classes play the same. The guardian that I absolutely loved last season is actually pretty slow in their combat style, and after playing the Lahn I just wasn’t enjoying it. Ideally I’ll have one of everything, and at least two sets of gear that I can pass between everyone as I decide who to play. With the Oasis event ending it means most of my characters are without anything to wear, not necessarily a bad thing but I was really relying on that gear to use those alts to camp world bosses.

I’ll probably graduate early because I don’t really have much left to do this season. I’ve got a set of PEN Naru gear that I’m hoping to exchange for Narchilian gear (yellow gear that you can swap one time) and I’ll exchange my PEN Tuvala gear for boss TET gear – that can be enchanted through a bunch of drops/questing. I haven’t figured out all of the details yet, but it’s something involving reforming stones.

All in all? Things are still going very well in game, and even though Endwalker looms, I’ve yet to feel the pull. For now my feet are firmly planted on the river bank where I spend my time AFK fishing.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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