I had this great idea to unlock two fishing nodes over at Nada island, which is in the far North West of the world, close to Port Ratt. I am not personally a big fan of sailing in Black Desert Online, which is perfectly fine because there are tons of other options and even other methods of getting to these areas (which I didn’t learn about until after we traveled there by boat. Guess what, there’s a ferry).

We took Ogur’s fishing boat and set out to sea. After some time the map drops away just as it does in the desert, and if you’re without a compass you can’t find your way unless you navigate by the stars or familiarize yourself with landmarks.

Little did we know that fishing boats are quite slow, and they’re not made for travelling on the sea, so we were being chased by monsters and then later pirates who came VERY CLOSE to eating us. Ogur said it was a “butt clenching trip” the whole way (he was steering, and I decided to just fish and pretend all was well even though my health as well as the health of the ship was declining).

Eventually we came out the other side at Port Ratt, and I unlocked the nodes I needed. The port itself is awesome, a majestic landscape that grows up against a mountainside and looks as fantastic as it sounds. We spent the night there fishing off of a nearby island (Port Ratt itself offers very little in the way of profit) and then took the ferry home the next day, sending Ogur’s ship ahead of us to Lema, an island very close to Velia. All in all, it was a fun adventure, and reminded me just how incredibly vast this world is. We still haven’t been everywhere yet.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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