I’ve been trying to spend as many contribution points as I can these days, after all if they’re just sitting there then they are really doing me any favours. I picked up a few workers, and put five farms outside of Heidel in an effort to grow some crafting materials (carrots, now that the Oasis event is over, for starters). I find farming really annoying. In order for your crops to do well they have to be watered, you can shorten the time it takes for them to grow by using fertilizer, you have to pick pests off of them (I use workers for this) and they need other little picky maintenance objectives. Workers are great, but they use a LOT of stamina that needs to be replenished, so you end up feeding them a lot. Using workers also cuts down the experience you would earn in farming on your own character, so instead I’m thinking of just having a ‘farming day’ once or twice a week when I tend to the farms on my own. Then those workers I have can go do other things, or they can wait until I need them again.

I’ve joined all of the nodes I want all across the world, which is where the majority of my CP went – and then I took the remainder of those points and invested it in some storage in Calpheon which is where I’m now holding the majority of my ‘stuff’ with Duvencrune set up for horse training. I cook in Heidel, and I’ve got a comfortable rotation set up now when it comes to crafting. Now that the season is almost over I’m planning what I want to do next, and there’s a world boss event ongoing so I’ve been collecting bits from that. All in all? Things are going pretty well!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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