It’s not often I find an amazing in-game function that deserves its own blog post – but I have to say, in Black Desert Online I have come across just such a function.

At first, it seems simple enough. It’s a notepad function, you can shortcut to it or you can find it in a few menus. Every game should have some sort of in-game notepad, where players can type out information they don’t want to forget, or want to have readily available. I adore games that have this function. BDO takes it even further.

You can log to a different character, and the note will stay up.

You can drag said note to a second monitor, OUT of the game window. It will continue to stay up.

You can change the colour

You can change the transparency.

More games need this function! The fact that it persists across relogging characters, and you can put it on a second monitor just absolutely blows my mind. A function that SEEMS simple, and yet it’s obviously not, because if it were more games would have included it (or so I like to think).

Have I mentioned yet how much I (still) love this game? Well, there’s one more reason added to the pile.

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