Two friends I’ve “known” for years online decided to partake in a bonding ceremony in FFXIV – and I was invited! It was my first time ever participating, and I took so many screenshots. I really needed this moment to remind me why I love these games and why I play. It’s the stories they create, the friendships – I love everything about it.

Congratulations Jaedia & Rini! You two are wonderful.

For a while now I’ve been going through the motions of gaming without actually enjoying games the way *I* like to enjoy them. I enjoy roleplay! I enjoy stories. I’m not much of a hack and slash person – and it’s so easy to get swept up and to forget about WHY you play. In the brief stint that I was on Phoenix (EU server) I saw so many people playing out the stories of their characters, openly, where ever they were. It was INSPIRING.

I wish I had better words to convey the satisfaction of this event from a purely ‘soul healing’ level. If you get a chance to participate and help some friends out this way – I highly recommend it.

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