I’ve owned the game ‘The Tenants’ on steam for a little while now, but since our internet was pretty poor I never got around to installing it – yesterday I decided to play for a short while, and it really is a cute fun little game. I love building simulators, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise that I enjoyed myself.

You play the landlord / owner of some property, and you have to fix it up and then get tenants to stay in it. You’ll have good tenants, bad ones, and you’ll have to do some unusual tasks along the way to earn cash to continue renovating. Like babysitting. What landlord is doing that for tenants out there?!

The game play is similar to games like house flipper, but in a top down view, and the art is what really appealed to me. It’s not the most complex games as far as having options to place down, but there are more than enough to keep me interested. Unfortunately after some time I found myself caring very little where I placed household items so long as they could be accessed and meet the criteria each tenant was looking for – which is what usually happens when I’m playing these games. Still, it was a fun little afternoon waster, and it was nice to feel an urge to play something that I could actually download while I still wanted to play, lol!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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