I’ve been out of Wurm Online more than in for the past two years (OK, more like three) and a lot has been changed / added to the game. One of those things is a new skill called cartography! I haven’t looked into this yet, and I have no idea what it’s for or what the purpose is.

Another thing that has been added is treasure maps. Treasure maps are really neat, you can find them while doing random wurm things like digging, mining, and farming. They have a quality, and the treasure you find is based on that. So far I’ve found two novice treasure maps, and they have rewarded some random items at the end like a crab statue (only found through maps), some chess pieces, sleep powder, gems, etc. Not fantastic treasure, but since they were novice maps I still felt like they were worth my time. Novice maps have 2-3 clues associated with them, and – I am horrible at figuring them out. So horrible that both times I attempted to find my treasure, I got insanely lost, and for the final treasure map I passed it to my friend Moumix so he can have fun with those instead. He is MUCH better at treasure than I am, and has infinite patience. Hopefully he finds some awesome treasures with the maps I dig up – I’m glad that I tried it out, but especially being on the Independence server (a massive one) things just got too difficult.

Speaking of independence! I did finally create a second on-land deed, named Quail Landing. So now I have Quail Cove over on Hermit Island (I’ve lived there for over three years, the deed is basically completed) and now I have a mainland place to enjoy where I can use a wagoner and a place to safely park and explore. The deed doesn’t have much to it yet, but there’s a mine and a lot of bits and bobs. Also a large pen for animals, since they don’t swim and I’ve got no creature containers to bring them to Quail Cove.

That’s what I’m up to in Wurm Online these days – and I have to admit, I have missed it, a lot. The community is still robust and friendly, and the game every bit as enjoyable as I always find it. As far as video games go, this is my comfortable sweater that I keep putting back on year after year.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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