If you’ve followed my adventures in Wurm Online (or even Wurm Unlimited) at all, you’ll know that I am not the biggest fan of terraforming. In fact, I down right hate it. I usually purchase deeds where the terraforming is already done, or the land is already flat. Digging, surface mining, and planning out aesthetic looks for the ground is just not my forte.

Thankfully Moumix (my deed mate) is MUCH better at these things, so I came to him and asked him if he could help me out with a little problem.

One of my goals at Quail Cove has always been to get the best bang for my silver, as the case would be. I currently pay 1s45c a month in upkeep, and I have no interest in paying anything more than that. Fitting everything you want in a smaller space can sometimes be an ordeal. I’ve worked really hard to give Quail Cove a small village feeling, without sacrificing utility. The issue was that a good chunk of land was mountain, and thus I couldn’t use it. I was hoping Moumix would want to help me out by building a proper road up to where I have placed the guard tower in an effort of claiming back some of that upper level so I could put another building there.

He was enthusiastic and set to work right away – and now not even a day later I have a brand new mine entrance that isn’t on the side of the hill, and he has been working away to flatten a larger plateau on the mountain so I’ll have even more space. It’s wonderful. I’m thinking a guest house and a house for archaeology / cartography since my smithy has been getting a bit crowded lately. Maybe in the shape of a lighthouse so it can overlook the ocean, something like this:

It’s looking amazing so far, but I’ll wait for him to say it’s completed being getting too carried away. In the meantime, I also managed to reach 70 blacksmith, granting me a new title and the ability to imp things a little easier. Next up? Weaponsmithing. That one is going to take *forever*.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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