I love community run events, and Wurm Online has always been the base that I hold all other events comparable to. On the Deliverance server there is an Impalong happening from Friday until Sunday, over the Easter weekend, and of course I am going to show up – in fact, my priest character is already there hoping to squeeze out some sermons before the big day. Things tend to get a little crazy during impalongs, and I want to make sure I got there nice and early (plus getting a few sermons done is always a lovely thing).

I do have a 100 faith Libila priest on the Northern servers, but they are not joined in any way to the Southern ones (the Northern ones are the ones that released with the Steam version of Wurm Online) and I don’t actively play there, so the character basically sits and does nothing. My Vynora priest has been around 70 faith for quite some time, and I’d really like to make the push to 100 but this is wurm, and it’s not as simple as that. Faith gains are TINY for priests once you hit 70, and in order to reach 100 the most optimal way is to do sermons every 3 hours. For each listener, you’ll gain .02 faith. You can also reset the prayer timer by having at least .12 gain. That all adds up, over time. Time, of course being the largest component besides the requirement of premium listeners. I am hoping I can nudge my way to 100, but we’ll just have to see. I’ve signed up for now, but a lot of the listeners are not near the altars, and thus the gains are not exactly ideal. Still, it is far better gains than I would get by myself at home.

Besides the whole sermon side of things, impalong events are made for just that – ‘improving’ gear/weapons/tools etc for other players, at no cost. Sometimes those items go rare too which is a huge extra bonus. Priests typically offer enchants, there are games, prizes, and all sorts of good times. I love these player hosted events and I’ve been to a large number of them over the years that I’ve played. Each server tends to host their own, and they become yearly events.

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve gone to an impalong, but I can’t wait to see everyone and get some skill gains. Wurm is and continues to be a niche game, but there isn’t anything quite like it out there, and I love that about it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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