One of the most amazing things that happens in Wurm Online has nothing to do with anything in game and everything to do with the amazing community that has built up around it. An “impalong” is a community hosted event, typically on a large fancy deed, where players gather together for a variety of activities including but not limited to: Improving gear / weapons for others free of cost, casting spells free of cost on said armor / tools, playing games like Deal or No Deal, and just generally having a good time. They tend to be annual events held by various deeds at various times.

It just so happens that one of the large ones was being hosted on the Deliverance server during Easter weekend, so of course I wanted to take part.

They are as amazing as I remember, and the community just as special. I brought along three characters total, two that I planned on leaving in the temple area, and Stargrace (my main) to work on blacksmithing. I turned someone’s horseshoe rare, so that was pretty special. I also gained a lot of blacksmithing skill (I’m closing in on 75 now) and just had a good time listening to people gather around doing their thing.

Tomorrow there is a contest called Storage Wars that I am VERY interested in, and I can’t wait to take part.

Speaking of Easter, Wurm Online has a few other events going on. You can purchase a bunny backpack skin that is just adorable, and if you do some foraging you’ll be given a treasure to find an Easter Basket filled with a few goodies. I haven’t been back to my deed for a few days to do this yet, but it’s in the works.

Overall? I’m just having a great time, and these events remind me about what I love in this game. It’s most certainly the people who make it a special place.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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