I had the most fun today! While I still don’t really get (or understand) Deal or No Deal, I happily worked on imping tools and listened to the events being ran. I also participated in a few guessing games that were set up (how many eggs will hatch, how many bacon can be made) in some little huts – and I even found the cheese in a game where you had to enter a room FULL of containers and (you guessed it) try to beat everyone else at finding the cheese. I had so much fun! I think I am up to around 2,000 points, maybe as much as 2900 if I get my riddle answers correct. This SHOULD put me in the running for some awesome prizes that we get to pick tomorrow.

I’ve made a list of what I’m interested in, but it will depend on how many people pick ahead of me. My first choice is probably some Pandemonium flags/banners – but I also saw them for sale, so I might go with a wagon choice instead. We’ll just have to see!

I love the work and dedication people have put into making this a successful impalong. With any luck (and a whole lot of people) my priest will actually reach 100 faith before too long. I do have 100 faith Libila priest over on the NFI servers, but this will be my first ever SFI priest at 100. Not only does that mean she can cast her ‘major’ spell (mind stealer) but it also means she gains the ability to summon others, which is incredibly handy.

Overall? I can’t wait for tomorrow, and I’m reminded once again about all of the things I love when it comes to this magical game. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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