Finally, after almost 10+ years my Vynora priest on Wurm Online has reached 100 faith!

This is not completely the fault of Wurm, but stems from a combination of things like the fact that getting anywhere with priests after 70 faith or so is practically impossible. The skill gains are so small from prayers that it would take an insane number of years to reach 100. The only practical method is to join a sermon group and to do that for as long as you can tolerate.

Since the Impalong was taking place on Deliverance it was a good time to start. I arrived with 74 faith, and after doing around 5-6 sermons (one every 3 hours) for 10 days, I reached 100. Why does this capped skill even matter? Well at 100 I can summon players – which is awesome. I can also cast Mindstealer (a weapon enchantment) on my own. I’ve also got a baby Fo priest working her way up the ranks, but I have no enthusiasm to grind my way to 100, I’ll be happy if she reaches 70 in the end (right now she’s hovering around the 45 faith mark). I also have a 100 faith unused priest over on the NFI servers, who I hope one day will be able to venture down to the SFI ones. I know there’s lots of controversy about allowing the two islands to merge, but I’d just like a one time transfer so I can play all of my characters together.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself.

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