Treasure hunts are a relatively new (to me) activity. When your character is doing activities like farming, mining, and praying, there’s a small chance on a rare roll that you’ll stumble across a sealed container that contains a treasure map. It seems completely random, as does the quality of map that you’ll find. So far I’ve discovered close to 10 of these treasure maps, from the very simple easy ones to the more complicated insane ones.

On the more complicated end of things, there were five stages to the map and each one spawned a handful of ‘hidden’ creatures that ambushed me. NOT FUN. I do not have the best gear in Wurm Online, and these maps were HARD. The end result was some semi precious items, three sleep powder, and me licking my wounds a bit.

I have a lot of fun doing the easier maps, but they don’t always reward the best things. I’d consider them average – for me and the length of time it takes to complete them, I’m OK with that. They usually always include one sleep powder, a gem, and something like a 50ql pelt. One time I got a crab statue and that was pretty neat. We’ve had low quality chests reward rare bone fragments, so at least the low chests are not completely useless. In fact it could probably stand to use a bit less RNG.

I tend to sell my higher quality maps, since the combat really frustrates me. They’re currently going for around 3s each, since they come with 3 sleep powder and that’s the going rate. My deed mate Moumix is fantastic at completing these adventures, but I am still personally getting used to them and learning how to read the maps properly and learning what hints mean. I’m sure it’ll just take me a bit of time and I’ll be a professional treasure hunter in no time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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