Moumix pointed out to me that I have a lot of Wurm Online posts that say I’m going to talk about abc123 in the future, and then I never do, or that I’m going to mention more about something (and then that falls through) so I decided to do an update post that basically talks about where I’m at with gaming in Wurm Online today.

First – there are two branches of islands, NFI (northern freedom islands) and SFI (southern freedom islands). The NFI were created with the steam release of the game, but you can play anywhere you want. They are not joined together at this point in time, so if you play on NFI, you cannot play with SFI and vice versa. I have characters on both clusters. Currently, on NFI, I have 100 faith Libila priest, Stargrazer, and a deed holder, Velours. They own a tiny island deed in the NW corner called Quail Landing, on the Cadence server. These characters are not currently active (they are, but I don’t play them) since I prefer the SFI islands.

On the SFI islands, my main is Stargrace. She owns Quail Landing, a deed on the mainland of Independence. Blesse, my 100 faith Vynora priest owns Quail Cove. A small comfortable deed that is mostly ‘completed’ as much as one ever completes anything in Wurm. Moumix, my deed mate, does all of the terraforming work, and most of the driving if we go anywhere (rifts, dragon slaying) since I can barely find my way off of the island. I also have a Fo priest, named Faralithe.

I’ve had all of these characters for many years but I tend to neglect them and I play Wurm in stages and phases. I’ve owned many other characters over the years but that was back when RMT was allowed, and I sold everyone / traded.

These days I focus on more end-game stuff. I love doing rifts, I’ve attended three public slayings (something I never thought I’d have an opportunity to do in Wurm Online) and I am trying to get better skills / tools / complete Quail Landing. I also want to pop over to Chaos to see what happened to my character who used to belong to MR. I have no idea how that works, does she migrate to the new PMK or does she have to re-join? I do know my tools and armor are staying home. All of them. Won’t make that mistake twice. Hopefully.

I know I talk about a lot of things and then forget about them, and I’ve done some really silly things over the past 12+ years I’ve been playing Wurm (yes, I sold a set of drake gear that belonged to Moumix when he took a break, that was probably the worst thing I’ve ever done, even if I was struggling IRL and I’m reminded of it all the time and I still feel horrible for it even after trying to make up for 10 years) but Wurm is one of those games that I absolutely adore and continue to play no matter what happens – the people I know and the friends I’ve made have been lovely. Except that Moumix guy. That guy is difficult.

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