Today I decided to take some time to work on treasure maps. I bought a 95ql map off of my deed mate Moumix, and I was really excited about it. Probably more excited than I should have been given the RNG that is associated with treasure maps.

The problem is I forgot my tent after the first clue, and I forgot my cotton before leaving the house. My second clue was a nasty bunch of greenish, champion, even a deathcrawler. I had an alt mail me some cotton but my mailbox is still slow, 9 minutes to deliver. I needed to heal or I was going to die in the middle of no where with no tent. As luck would have it.. I did have a tent on me. It just didn’t belong to me, it belonged to Faralithe, my alt.

Wurm is funny in the way it works. If you have a cloth item, you can use it as a bandage. Tents are cloth. Therefor, tents are bandages.

It worked, but it wasn’t quite enough. I eyed my wool hat that I had received in the post – and I inched closer to death, the decision was made for me. I used the hat as a bandage.

It kept me alive! I did not die, I was able to defeat the greenish troll, and then received the cotton so I could move on to the next clue.

Sadly the treasure was less than stellar when I got to the 6th and final location. Some days, I really wish there was LESS rng in game. Sigh. It was a crummy end to an otherwise very long and useless day. Maybe the next maps I have will be better.

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