Pictured above is my VERY rough cartography map of the little corner of Hermit Island that I live on. Because my cartography skill is VERY bad (we’re talking less than 5) it’s more a series of mashed up blobs and vague colours instead of anything that actually looks like my deed. The act of cartography is pretty neat, it reminds me a lot of smaller version treasure chest hunting. You follow some little glowing balls to a POI (point of interest) and mark things down with some dye. Eventually when you’ve completed the survey and imp’d it to as high as you’re willing to go, you can take it back to your map table and turn it into a map. You can also make copies of them and hang them up or keep them in an atlas. The skill itself doesn’t seem to lend very much to me as a player, but I’m always happy to have one more skill to work on to prevent burn out in a game that is INCREIDIBLY grindy.

Have you worked on cartography yourself? What’s the highest skill you have in it so far? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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