There is never a lack of things to work on in Wurm Online – and I tend to keep a list running of everything that needs attention. What are those things these days?

  • Faralithe – Working on farming & animal husbandry. This is my Fo priest. She’s also working on mining at Quail Landing just to get some skills raised up.
  • Blesse – Working on channeling. This is my Vynora priest, she does a little bit of everything but besides the priest stuff she doesn’t really do anything major.
  • Minxes – Beginner Magranon priest, she needs to reach 70 faith so I can use her for reinforcement. All of the priests also need to work on meditation, minus Blesse who can already enchant grass.
  • Stargrace – Working on archaeology & weapon smithing. This skill takes forever (WS, that is). Oof. Also I’ve been busy building up Quail Landing, the bottom level of the deed is coming along, it requires a LOT of mortar and a LOT of sandstone bricks. Right now I’m out of bricks, so that’s where the effort lays.

Like I said, there’s never a lack of things to work on – and that’s what I love about Wurm. Even when you think you’re close to being ‘done’ something drags you (sometimes kicking and screaming) back in. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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