There are some HUGE deeds out there in Wurm Online – mine is not one of them. I currently own three deeds, Quail Cove (main deed, upkeep is 1s10c a month), Quail Landing (mainland deed, upkeep is 1s60c a month), and the latest, Quail Island (upkeep is 2s a month). I’m paying less than 5s a month for upkeep all together for my deeds, and I feel like this is a perfect number for me. I can sell a few treasure maps and cover the cost of the deeds, and I tend to top them up to a year of upkeep once every few months. Anything larger would be too hard to handle (I feel). I haven’t planned anything out on the island deed yet, but the other two are well established and created places, with lots of buildings, bridges, and ‘stuff’ everywhere to make them feel lived in. Well, Cove more than Landing, as that one is newer and still a work in progress.

Anyway. I love looking at the gigantic deeds, but I know in my heart owning such a huge piece of land is just not for me. I like my cozy country feel, and I think if I were to have a gigantic deed it would just cause me a lot of burn out. What about you? Do you prefer small or large deeds? Let me know in comments below, and as always happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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