Well, by now I thought the holy site would have expired, the wiki mentions it lasts “around” 14 days, I believe it spawned on June 2nd so we’re now on day 13 – the corruption and power of the site does continue to reduce, but it’s difficult to tell if it’s because of players or time. I’m trying to get as many fragments as I can before it vanishes in an attempt at completing a few more archaeology combines. So far I’ve gotten 10 items, I would say maybe three are ‘useful’ and the others are quite random. I’ll need a separate storage for these fragments, I’m unsure if they can be combined with regular items and retain their bonuses.

While three of my characters sit at the fissure on Xanadu, Blesse back at my main deed has been working with the animals, creating a few more hitching posts, and placing enchanted grass. Moumix hasn’t been around that much, but he has been working on some leather gear for the horses and helping with enchanted grass. I intend on sticking around at the Xanadu fissure for as long as possible to complete as many archaeology pieces as possible, then when I get back to my deed on Independence, I have some plans in the works. Or at least some ideas of plans. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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