Today is the 2nd last day of a player run event on the Pristine server called a ‘Friendalong’ it’s an impalong with games, arena fights, and of course working on skills and improving tools and items for other players. The last impalong event I went to was the Deliverance one, and this one is quite a bit different. One of the games I really thought was fun, called slap slap. Two players will strip down, turn on auto fight, and be handed some sort of fish. Then they have to dual each other, and the host will pick a body part (kept secret). First person who slaps them with the fish on that body part wins. It was cute and fun, I’d never heard of it before.

Some of the events are frustrating for me, including the main one to find tickets each day. They’re out in the bay, and you’re allowed to submit one a day to the grand prize drawing. The problem is I tend to stick close to the sermon area for folks, and I can’t see very well even with settings adjusted. I stayed all 5 days at the impalong, but only had 2 tickets for the grand prize that other people donated to me since I didn’t find any on my own. I spent about 2h looking, but eventually wandered back to the sermon area. I’ve had these ticket type events before, and my preference is the one from the Deliverance impalong where they hid riddles all over the deed on signs. You would send in your answers to an player and they’d go over their logs at the end to see how many you answered correctly, then you earned a ticket for each correct answer. I thought that was a fair way of doing it so players still interacted but didn’t have to leave the event area.

I also absolutely loved a game called find the cheese that was at the Deliverance event. I wrote about it, it was so creative and fun. I found the events at this impalong a bit lack luster and repetitive. The hosts were briefly around but then had to tend to real life – which is also why I think impalongs are best served in shorter bursts, 3 days is about max. This event is running for 6 days, with the same 6 events scheduled for each day.

There was a dragon slaying but I didn’t make it for that event, I did participate in horse racing but only the 1st place winner received anything. Lawn darts was a lot of fun to watch, but I didn’t want to risk dying. I do wish there was a bit more creativity to the events, how about a fashion show where people vote for the winners, or something involving treasure maps. I know impalongs take a LOT of time, effort, and coordination and I appreciate all the efforts that are made but I felt a bit let down.

That being said, I DID have a good time. I love visiting with everyone, but I know one of the hosts is dealing with a family medical emergency, and I’m not sure what happened to Sidereal, they insisted they’d be there but they’ve been gone for 10 days now and I’m concerned. I hope everything is OK.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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