First of all, I know there has been a lack of posts to the site – but honestly it has just been TOO damn hot. So far this July has seen more days 30C+ than not, and I am a creature who enjoys the cold, NOT the heat. I haven’t had the mental capability to create content let alone sit in front of my PC. Honestly, it feels like this summer has just been me trying to get by. I’m also battling ‘something’ (an infection of some sort, but they have no idea what) so I’m on heavy doses of amoxicillin, and of course I’m stressed and not the healthiest of people out there, so I’ve had to start taking blood pressure medication too.

That being said, I am still around even though I am quiet. I’ve been gaming in World of Warcraft, I’m steadily on discord (name there is stargrace), and I’m also on mastodon (I normally post pictures of my cat Waffle, and art). I’m still playing Wurm Online (expect an updated post on that tomorrow) and I am delving into New World once again with my other half and his friend. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Upcoming – Blaugust! I’m a huge fan of this festival, I’ve been participating for years now (since 2014, in fact), and it never fails to motivate me to get some content out and to remind me about WHY I still continue this blog so many years later. You can find the basic information about it at this link, and there’s all sorts of neat things including a media kit, and discord. If it’s not your thing, don’t feel pressured into it – but I personally love that little nudge into creating healthy writing habits and making content for a site that I simply do just for me.

That’s where I’m at these days, I hope everyone is keeping as cool as possible and hopefully life is treating you all well. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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