Week one of the 2023 Blaugust festival is a ‘Welcome to Blaugust’ theme, and while I’ve never really been known to write on any sort of schedule or adhere to any sort of prompts, I do think that what you decide to call your blog is probably one of the very first steps you take. My own blog name has changed over the years, and is now hopefully in its final form.

I started out as MmoQuests – because I was blogging about (you guessed it) quests. In Mmorpgs. Usually EQ2. Over the years this changed, and I started writing about games in general, and then I started writing about my art, and cooking, and life. I decided to switch the site to NomadicGamersEh. I’ve always felt like a bit of a nomad when it came to gaming, playing one thing or another until I grow bored and move on. I also had hopes of doing some TTRPG blogging with the family, but that didn’t exactly work out (hence the ‘S’ in gamers). Since I’m Canadian, I thought I’d be even MORE witty, and put ‘eh’ on the end. Why? I’m not even really sure.

Last night I realized I STILL wasn’t happy with the name. It’s difficult to motivate yourself to write on a site when you’re not in love with the name, it can demotivate you. I decided to finally settle on NomadicGamer.ca – dropped the S, and went with .ca for my Canadian nod. Plus .com is still being squatted on. I used to own that one too on a wordpress hosted site, but I gave up the name years ago when money was tight. Now they want $3k for it and .ca will suit me just fine, thanks. I also own NomadicReader.com where I do book reviews, though I don’t post on that site nearly enough.

Hopefully this name sticks around a while. Blaugust is always a great time of year to do some general blog maintenance, update those links, and just make sure everything is running as it should be. I need to design a new header, but aside from that I think it’s all looking the way it should.

Tomorrow, we get back to posting about games! Palia is on the menu for later today, and Baldur’s Gate 3 is in the works for tomorrow. Not to mention those 2 new books I just picked up.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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