I’ve apparently had my Idle Champions account for exactly 7 days, 2 hours, and 32 minutes at the time of this post. I’ve learned a LOT in that amount of time, and one of those things is that the game is far more involved than I initially thought. What have I done in those 7 days?

I joined the discord – there’s an incredibly dedicated and passionate fan base for this game, and you can learn a lot just by lurking. I turned off a bunch of the extra channels, but I hang out in the ask for help and formations sections. There’s also a place for resources to be posted, which is where I headed next.

I learned about Storylines, variants, favor, formations, and so many other terms. The screenshot above are the 12 ‘seats’ you have for characters, and then you can unlock other champions who you can swap into those seats. Everyone needs gear. My loose ‘goal’ is to try to unlock everyone. I was working through the campaign to unlock Drizzt when the event to unlock Lae’zel started, so I’ve swapped over to that for now.

Events are temporary, so it’s important that I do the content before it vanishes. You earn chests (gear) for the champions you unlock, and favor that gets converted to your base favor at the end of the event. I unlocked Hitch by subscribing to a newsletter, and then Prudence, Voronika, and Lae’zel were all from the current event that started yesterday. Tatyana I unlocked from a time gate I opened when I had no idea what I was doing or what that even meant.

I mentioned before that I did get the season pass ($15 CAD) which is all I’ve spent on the game (so far) but I really haven’t felt like I *had* to make any purchases. There’s a LOT of codes floating around for chests, I probably spent almost an entire day just inputting codes I found all over the internet. This was enough to give me a huge amount of gear, gear upgrades, potions, gold, and whatever else comes in those things.

I spent gems on familiars, you earn them by completing missions / levels and I got a bunch from the codes I claimed too. I have 3 familiars now, which I learned are ‘clickers’ – I had no idea I was supposed to actually use them, and I had no idea they’d click for me (or use specials for me, etc). Learning the hotkeys to the game has also been essential, it makes things much easier.

This strange little idle game is awesome, and with the excitement of Baldur’s Gate 3, everyone is pretty amped up. We’ll see what sort of staying power it has as the days continue. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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