This isn’t the first time I’ve done a dungeon dive – but I used to post them over on another blog, and I decided instead of keeping multiple blogs I’d merge them all into this one. It’s been a while, so here’s the next dungeon dive that I’m doing – Sunwell Plateau.

122,091g estimated gold earned

I’m using the TSM region market value avg to price my loot from LootAppraiser, and I’m using a heavily modified profile from BilisOnyxia to post them to the auction house. In the past I was on a low population server, but these days I’m spread between many servers, and for this particular challenge I’m on a medium pop, so we’ll see how things go. If you’re not familiar with how I run these challenges here’s the basics.

LOTS of videos out there boast about making thousands of gold an hour, but they fail to take actual sales earned into consideration. I run 100 runs of a dungeon, adding up the “looted item value” and then compare it to the “actual sales value” each week. Then I create a GPH from the actual gold earned rather than the assumed amount. In the past this worked out pretty neat, it was a more realistic view of how much gold you could potentially earn. RNG of course plays into it, the type of server you’re on, and other factors. I use 1 character to run the dungeons & sell the materials so they’ve never got more gold than what the dungeons provided. If you’re interested in my older runs of Sunwell, you can find those posts here.

These days it takes me roughly 30-35 minutes to run 10 instances of Sunwell Plateau, and that’s the time I’ll use to frame GPH instead of rounding up to 1 full hour. I know you’re locked from doing more instances (10 per hour is the cap, sometimes you can squeeze a few more in) but you could also go and do something else to make gold in that free time that doesn’t involve running a dungeon.

Here are the addons I’m using, too:

  • Auctionator
  • LootAppraiser
  • TradeskillMaster
  • MonkeySpeed
  • Dejunk
  • Faster Loot
  • WoWThing Collector

Next week we’ll see if anything actually sold, and add to that the next 10 runs.

3 thoughts on “Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell Plateau [1-10]”
    1. I use a druid and use their druid port, you cast it once to port to their druid zone, then cast it again and it puts you just outside of whatever zone you were in last. Monks also have an ability like this (but there is a 1m recast timer), and so do Deathknights. You can also list your group in the group finder, then disband it, and it will remove you from the zone with a 1m timer. I tend to not do it this way, but every class has the ability to port out of dungeons / raids – and no question is dumb!

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