Last week I did my first 10 runs of Sunwell Plateau, and LootAppraiser told me I had a looted item value of 122091g in 30 minutes. This week I ran another 10 dungeons, and LA gave me 252,247g in valued items. In actuality, with sales, I’ve earned 436g (that’s the raw gold from this week) plus 7,757g (that’s how much everything sold for this week) plus the 483g in raw gold from last week. That brings me to a total of estimated looted: 374,338g in 1h of farming. Actual gold earned with raw + sales: 8,676g. Now, earning 8,676g in an hour of farming isn’t exactly THAT bad, but it sure isn’t that great, either – and it’s a far cry from what LootAppraiser claims I’ve made. The plus side is that I do also have a lot of stock – and that has value even though it hasn’t sold yet. Right now my stock value is:

Now if those items sell, that would be fantastic. Even if a small number of it sold it would be great. Right now though we’re just sitting on stock hoping it sells, with a total of less than 10k gold per hour.

We’ll just have to see what next week brings!

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