Druids are a LOT of fun in patch 10.2 and here’s how you can unlock the Blue Dreamsaber form!

You’ll learn this form from the Moon-Blessed Claw, but first you’ll need to loot a small box of vials, in the Eye of Yesera subzone of the Emerald Dream.

/way #2200 54.90 25.40 Emerald Dream, Eye of Ysera – Small Box of Vials

Each vile is linked to a specific continent, and you’ll need to fill them.

/way #80 67.37 61.14 Moonglade (K)
/way #641 49.35 38.05 Val’sharah (B)
/way #47 49.15 33.34 Duskwood (E)
/way #115 29.37 55.65 Dragonblight (N)
/way #622 65.75 59.81 Stormshield, Ashran (D)
/way #108 45.13 23.56 Terokkar Forest (O)

/way #2200 41.75 66.92 Feral Dreamstone

You can use Dreamwalk for quick access to Duskwood, Moonglade, and Val’Sharah. You can collect these while stealthed, too. That’s it! That’s all you need to do to unlock this druid form. Get collecting!

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