We’re on 1h30m of gold making after 30 runs of Sunwell Plateau, and this is what LootAppraiser has told us the potential gains have been:

  • 1-10: 122,091g (estimated)
  • 11-20: 252,247g (estimated)
  • 21-30: 253,737g (estimated)

Total: 618,075g (approx: 412,050g per hour)

Actual amount earned to date: 35,229g (approx: 23,486g per hour)

Amount still on the auction house: 272,155g

The numbers of actual gold earned vs. estimated gold earned are VASTLY different – but – making 20k an hour (give or take) may not be a horrible investment of time if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. I did pick up a fair number of recipes this past run, so we’ll have to see where sales go in the future. Keep in mind this is on a high population server and your own gains may be lower or higher than the TSM region market value average that I’m using as a price point.

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