Another week, another 10 runs of Sunwell Plateau under our belts! This marks 3h spent in the zone (30m each group of 10 runs), and in actual gold earned from sales (plus raw gold drops) my 61 speed druid is looking at a total of 155,999g which means the GPH is 51,999g – not too shabby for a single character running a single dungeon. You might remember that the last run rewarded VERY little, hence the lower GPH this week. It all depends on RNG and what sells vs. what does not sell. Here’s the overall stats to date:

  • Total approx gold earned (runs 1-60): 905,389
  • Actual amount earned from sales to date: 155,999g
  • Actual amount of GPH: 51,999g
  • Value of items listed on the AH: 137,451g

Last week we only had 44k worth of items on the AH, so it’s nice that we added a few items of note this week (two schematics, one for goggles which are used in an achievement). This isn’t the best gold farm in the world by any means, but it is nice and simple with a low barrier of entry.

Keep in mind you may be able to make more / less gold on your own server, the items I’m selling are NOT commodity, therefor they ARE server specific. I’m playing on a high population server in NA, and prices are quite all over the place (usually on the lower side of things) but sales are far more steady than if I were on a low population server. You’ll have to try different methods out, and see what works for you.

Doing SOMETHING to make gold in game is at least a better option than doing nothing at all (if you’re going after gold, at least). As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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