It’s time for a new challenge! Thanks to inspiration from this reddit post, along with talking to a fellow gold maker CanadiaTV, (be sure to check him out) I decided to see how much gold you can casually make from fishing – starting with Dragonflight. I decided NOT to min/max this activity, so I have NOT taken everything from the reddit post into account. I’m sure you can up that gph slightly by min/maxing it. Below is the gear I’m sporting.

  1. Khaz’gorite Fisherfriend (rk4) enchanted with + Perception
  2. Master’s Wildercloth Fishing Cap
  3. +5 fishing gloves

I am also using a lure for Islefin Dorado.

I’m using the addon ‘Fishingbuddy’ to track what I catch. I’ve been fishing by the Dragonscale Basecamp because it has the LEAST amount of ‘extra’ stuff in the fishing table. Each hour I cast between 210-250 times, so for the purpose of this post, we’ll say I’ve been fishing off and on for approximately 15 hours (3898 casts so far). I do about 2h of fishing every 2 or 3 days, Moving forward I’ll post statistics for every 2h of fishing, just to keep things neat / tidy.

In 15h my total gold earned is roughly 94,162g which puts GPH at around 6,277g – this could be SLIGHTLY higher / lower if recipes are selling well on your servers, on mine I haven’t gotten any ‘good’ recipes of note in 15 hours of fishing. It’s also important to note that you should be selling when islefin dorado is in demand – that means from the weekly quest in Emerald Dream, as well as when raiders are looking for the fish. It’s not fantastic GPH, but it is pretty relaxing, requires almost zero brain power, and can be good to do if you’re watching TV or if you’re like me and sometimes have limited mobility.

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