These are the addons I currently use to help with gold making in Warcraft, updated for 10.2.5. They’re not in any sort of order, it’s just what displays in CurseForge. Keep in mind there’s no requirement to use ALL of these addons, especially if you’re not doing things like professions. This is just my current list (I also have other addons for other activities, which you can find listed). These addons cover a wide variety of gold making, ranging from professions, farms, mission tables, and even AH flipping.

  • Tradeskillmaster – a complete AH overhaul suite, it allows me to create custom strings to price items for sale on the AH. There is also a bunch of crafting / restocking capabilities, but I no longer use TSM for these due to performance issues.
  • Auctionator – This gives up to the minute information about auctions, and comes with some fantastic plugins also listed.
  • CraftSim – A powerful tool for Dragonflight crafting.
  • WorthIT – Using TSM pricing sources, this addon can tell you if a particular farm (herb, mining, etc) is “worth it” for you to go after. You can also create your own farms and track your gold per hour earned. They also have a few guides if you’re not sure where to start.
  • World Quest Tracker – Used to track all those quests worth gold.
  • TLDR Missions – Used for Shadowlands mission tables (a must have)
  • Routes (and Routes Import/Export) – Used in combination with Gathermate2 for harvesting information
  • Rematch & Rematch_TSMPetValues – This modifies the pet window and allows you to see the value of your pets at a glance.
  • Profession Shopping List – You can track recipes / reagents and import them into Auctionator
  • Point Blank Sniper – A plugin for auctionator, create shopping lists and search your AH for items to snipe
  • Master Plan – Modifies garrison mission UI
  • LootAppraiser – Gives information on looted items (uses TSM price sources)
  • Journalator – A plugin for Auctionator, this tracks craft orders (and everything in between)
  • GatherMate2 / GatherMate_Sharing – A farming overlay.
  • FishingBuddy – Track your fishing gph.
  • FasterLoot – Does exactly what it says.
  • Call To Arms – Queue for dungeons / raids when the satchel of participation is rewarded for some extra gold.

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