Well, the latest runs of Sunwell have not been kind with their drops, nor have their sales been that interesting – but the real question is, what has the GPH been. This is 3.5h of ‘work’ farming Sunwell Plateau (no named, just trash) on my level 61 speed druid.

  • Total approx gold earned (runs 1-70): 919,000g
  • Actual amount of gold earned from sales to date: 167,739g
  • Actual amount of GPH: 47,925g
  • Value of items listed on the AH: 102,972g

A few new things to note here. Number one, I’ve decided to vendor anything with less than a 200g value, which has cut the amount of trash I’m putting up significantly. Number two, the last few runs were done over the Christmas holiday, and the RNG deities did NOT play nice. You can see from the screenshot above that the ‘value’ of my 10 runs, is 13,77g – with only one ‘interesting’ item that dropped. That is my lowest run yet. I was hoping to get lucky with a schematic or two, but that would not be the case.

We’re nearing the end of this little challenge, and I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to do for the next one. I feel like 47.9k gph is still a respectable amount considering the effort required, but it’s not something that’s instant as these items did take time to sell. If you combine it with professions, or other dungeons, or even just world quests, it makes your overall gph a lot more attractive.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself.

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