I know it’s difficult to think about paying for two accounts each month when you might not even be making enough gold for one – but there are some pretty big benefits when it comes to making gold – even if you don’t plan on multiboxing. ** note ** This does NOT mean you NEED two accounts to make gold! It’s just a simple list explaining why one might want more than one. Here’s a few perks that come from having more than one account.

  1. Monitoring the auction house while you do things on your main account. If you create a second account on your main bnet (you can have 8 across each bnet) you share all achievements, appearance gear, mounts, pets, and more. You can create a level 10 allied race character, and park them at the AH to run PBS while you do battlegrounds / raid / whatever.
  2. Hanging out in Valdrakken doing work orders while not having to hang around in Valdrakken waiting for work orders. In Dragonflight there is a LOT of gold to be made with the crafting system, but being tethered to the craft table is a whole lot of NOT FUN. Plus you want to be able to see trade chat. Maybe.
  3. Posting on two accounts at once. Adding a second account can be a HUGE time saver. Split your items up (either across servers or just across characters) and you can post twice as fast if you’re using TSM. You can use a mouse scroll wheel to post and a hotbar macro to post (make sure the macro window is the one in focus, and just mouse over the 2nd window but don’t make it your focus).
  4. Cross server trading. Want to buy something cheaper some place else and sell it where it’s expensive? Well you can – with two accounts (or a friend). Sure, pets can be easily moved between servers with one account, but moving items is a great way to expand your gold making empire.
  5. Phase to a quieter server (or a busier server). If the item you’re camping is too crowded, or maybe you need more people for an event, you can easily phase over to where your alt might be. I know a lot of people seem to prefer keeping all of their characters on the same server, but I’ve got mine spread out all over the place (minus my core crafters, who I keep together). This allows me to swap over to a low pop or a high pop based on whatever it is I need.
  6. Alt armies. This could be anything, from doing the shadowlands mission table, alchemist transmutes, tailoring cool downs, or just running dungeons / raids on as many characters as you want. The lockout of 10 dungeons is also account specific but NOT bnet specific. Once you run 10 dungeons on one account, you could swap to the second one for less downtime between runs. Having more characters is almost never a bad thing.
  7. Collecting more – of everything! Currency, transmog, mounts, pets, toys. If you’re dragging along a second character, you’re going to potentially earn more of ABC123 just by having an extra body there. Doing world quests on two characters at once is really no hardship (more than that might become cumbersome but there’s nothing stopping you) especially when you can act as a personal taxi with the dragonflight buddy system.

It is not essential to have multiple accounts – but it is one of the first things many goblins end up doing after they make the decision to expand their gold making empire.

Have your own suggestion? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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