Pets and transmog were the big sellers of this week, with the Phoenix Wishwing making the biggest splash. I also sold a Rustmaul Sword for over 300,000g which probably went to another goblin. They’re NLA items that are over inflated to 9,999,999g and I’ve been spending a few months trying to lower the price because there’s no way they’re worth that much (and no way anyone is paying it). A sale is a sale, and I don’t mind if another goblin takes it off of my hands as long as there’s still a nice profit made on my side.

A lot of one time purchases happened this week, and a nice incline on other items. I love looking at the graphs to see where things stand, and just to make sure I’m headed in the direction that I want. I need to restock my crafted items very soon, and I’ve been working on getting faction required for all the recipes that are locked behind that. I’m absolutely loving just how much there is to do, even this far into an expansion.

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