Woah. This was a HUGE week in sales for me, and I barely even made any sales! There were some incredibly high priced items that filled the market – a green transmog that sold for just shy of 3 million all on its own (you can see that lonely blue dot way at the top on the 28th). I also sold a small handful of expensive recipes, including Gift of Arthas, for just over 300,000g. These recipes were recently returned to the game, and some servers have them priced quite cheap, and others not so much. Blackrock Bulwark, Varruth’s Guillotine, and of course the usual pets – Ethereal Soul-Trader, Guardian Cub, and Hatespark the Tiny all rounded out the week. I hope the rest of February is just as fantastic.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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