Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! Here’s the next 10 runs of Sunwell Plateau I did, and as you can see – zero – noteworthy items dropped. In fact, the estimated gold earned is not even 2k! We did earn 482g from currency looted, but absolutely nothing else dropped. Let’s see where that puts us after 4.5h (total for all 90 runs) of farming:

  • Total approx gold earned (runs 1-90): 1,135,937g
  • Actual amount of gold earned to date: 198,105g
  • Actual amount of GPH: 44,023g
  • Value of items still listed on the AH: 17,046g

The gold earned per hour is still pretty nice, even though we got absolutely nothing from the last 10 runs. Unfortunately I also have almost nothing on the AH, so I hope something drops in the final 10! If not, it’s still a respectable amount of GPH, but it might signify something else, like a nerf to the drop rates, or a lull in overall sales (completely normal for this phase of an expansion).

I’m trying to figure out which dungeon I want to experiment with next, it will probably just be something casual and simple, much like this was. If you’re looking for the rest of the posts, you can find them here:

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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