It was a fairly productive week when it came to making gold – but I also ended up spending a fair amount on some recipes (I’m currently working on finishing off my profession recipes, more on that at a later date). My top sellers were back to recipes, a handful of pets, and a few transmog. I also re-stocked my crafted transmog, something I had been slacking on for a few weeks (life, what can I say).

Sales were lower than usual, but I also spent a lot of time restocking and doing general inventory management. I keep a record of sales each month, and where they happen. If a server doesn’t perform very well, I stop selling there and move on. I give the server 3 months so I can see a better average, and typically if the gains are not at least a million (each month), I’ll drop it from the list. There’s a few reasons I do this but it mostly comes down to time. I have other servers that perform very well, and the items I’m selling would be better suited to those servers or just waiting in the bank for restock day instead of me wasting the time it takes to post. I’m sure people have different methods of doing all of this, but that’s what works for me.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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