I sort of forgot that I never finished this series, so here’s the last 10 runs of Sunwell Plateau, finally! This run only gave a handful of desired items, one was a purple helmet, and a low value recipe. Keep in mind that I’m doing this on a high population server, so your gold values and experience may differ from mine. I’m using a level 61 speed geared druid, and a handful of addons like TSM, LootAppraiser, MonkeySpeed, Dejunk, and FasterLoot.

  • Total approx gold earned (runs 1-100): 1,197,120g
  • Actual amount of gold earned to date: 200,250g
  • Actual amount of GPH: 40,050g
  • Value of items still listed on the AH: 15,522g

You can also read through the rest of the series to see what I earned on each run, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s not the best GPH, but it was a nice way to spend a little time, and maybe RNG will favour you more than it did me.

Happy gold making!

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