World quests seem to be mostly overlooked this expansion, but I personally felt they can reward people nicely if you’re just starting out and need some guaranteed gold as capitol. I wanted to find out approximately how much gph the DF world quests rewarded, so this is how I went about it. Ideally, you would have at least 5-8 level 70 characters to do this with (you could do all 4 characters in one day, or spread them out so it was one character each day).

I started with a level 70 retribution paladin, with an ilevel of 445 which is pretty low for this season. I’m using a few addons, including Zygor, which will let you create a list of world quests by queuing them, and then give you directions on how to get to each one quickly and optimally. World Quest Tracker is another nice one. I’m also using LootAppraiser to track the time & any loot I pick up (LA requires TSM to function) and I’m using FasterLoot (does what it says). I’m sure there are other ways to optimize this method of making gold, such as wearing speed gear, using food/potions, etc. I decided to keep it pretty simple. The second character I did this on is my main, a 70 DH with 487 ilevel and all of the travel portals unlocked.

Keep in mind world quests are now on a bi-weekly schedule. For NA they re-set on Tuesday and Friday. This GPH is for the Friday set this week (March 4). I decided to skip the pet stuff and save it for another time even though getting pet charms IS a nice way to make gold. For this experiment I’m focusing on raw gold only. I’m also including the dragon riding races, as they give pouches with gold.

It took me 27m to run through the gold / race quests – but I also realized this character doesn’t have the DF portal system unlocked, so a lot of time was spent traveling. You can absolutely cut down time by unlocking the travel system. In that time, I earned 7,065g (one of the races I did was in the dreamsurge zone, and it didn’t reward coin but instead rewarded currency, so that one was a bit of a time waster). I also ended up looting a shield that sells for a bit of gold, and some vendor trash. The 70 DH managed to complete these in 20 minutes, but for the purpose of this post I’m just rounding it up to 30m.

For a lot of people, 7k in 30 minutes might not be worth it – and that’s OK. If you’re just starting out in your gold making adventures, it might be a nice way to get your nest egg started, especially if you have multiple level 70s to do this on. If you spent one hour a day doing these world quests, that would equate to roughly 98,910g a week – and it could potentially be more if you optimized your routes or got easier quests (I had a lot of annoying quests, like the fishing one where you have to haul fish up on to the land from lava). The more characters you have, the better. It’s absolutely more than enough to afford a token a month – so long as you have multiple level 70 characters (you need at least 5 characters). If you only have one, this is not the method for you, as these quests only reset twice a week.

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