I love creator programs, and I think they’re a wonderful way to foster community – if done properly. Here’s an example of one I applied to back in November 2023 that I think could use a lot more work to foster that community and communication between game / players. If you’ve been reading the site for any length of time, you know I’ve spent years (10+) posting about Wurm Online and how amazing the game is. Unfortunately, they don’t treat people very nicely unless you’re part of the elite few and belong to the inner circle (names and addresses blocked for security reasons of course).

Now, maybe I never had a snowballs chance in hell – and that’s OK, but at least have the decency to follow up with people who are promoting your game (for free), who took time to reach out for a program that was advertised for applicants, and let them know that they’re not important enough to qualify.

Since then I’ve stopped writing about Wurm Online. The game may be one of my favourite, but they treat their players horribly, and I deserved better than that, as a player, and a content creator.

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