For years now I’ve been training skill points in EVE Online, and while I don’t have hundreds of millions like a lot of people who have been playing since 2009, I do feel like I have an ‘OK’ amount (on my main account, at least). The problem is that all of the skill points in the world won’t give you hands on experience and so it’s very difficult for me to judge whether or not a site or encounter is too hard for me.

Since 2015 I’ve been flying a Tengu, but it wasn’t until this round of playing that I decided to spend most of my time in jspace – and even then, I have been incredibly cautious and nervous about doing much combat. Turns out I’ve probably been able to handle C1-C3 sites for some time, I was just too scared to try them. Yesterday I was looking for some relic/data sites to complete on my Tengu, but instead I found nothing but combat sites. I decided ‘why not’ and went for it anyway. The system was a quiet C2 with no one around. I knew people had been there earlier because I found (and then rescued) their drones that were floating away in space. It was just some tech1 drones though. I made short work of the site with very little issue and walked away with 20 million ISK – It’s not the min/max ISK making that people like to dive head first into but it was fun, I learned a lot, and over all that’s a win in my books.

I’ve been talking on Mastodon to some lovely EVE players about what I’d like to work on moving forward. Even though it’s a lot of bling, I really want a Stratios. Instead of just going out and buying one – I thought I could do some dedicated work towards purchasing one. Then Alex suggested that since I enjoy the industry side of things, I should try to earn the BPC from SOE and BUILD my own.


This idea REALLY appealed to me, I still haven’t done the math on the cost of crafting one vs. the cost of purchasing one, but ideally it SHOULD be cheaper to craft (that isn’t always the case). I think this would be a perfect way to work towards a goal and save a little (or earn a little) ISK. I’m going to get some math done and then hopefully have a string of posts about this newest adventure in the future.

As always, fly safe! o7

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