It is day one of my attempt to work towards a Stratios BPC – and of course I didn’t research everything properly, but oh well! I’m going for it. This BPC is sold from the SOE LP store, and while I have done the SOE introduction quest chain (there’s 52 quests, it’s a lot) it doesn’t count as LP missions, so I have zero (I believe). I have lots of standing with them though, yay. I searched for the nearest SOE agent and off I went – not realizing that they’re not really a regular agent, they were part of an event chain. I believe it is called Minmatar COSMOS? Whewps.

It was here that I came across the most annoying quest I’ve done to date. The first two missions were simple, transfer some infected militants, kill some things, and then I reached the 3rd and final quest which was to obtain a random drop from Cybertron Patrol/Sentry/Watchman. The thing is, this quest chain went from holding your hand and telling you exactly where to go / what to do – to telling you NOTHING. I had to look it up on the wiki, and even then I got it wrong.

First, I had to figure out what the ‘Contested Minmatar Army Complex’ even was. Thankfully that showed up on the overview, I didn’t even know there were static types of events like this. I activated the first gate, and found myself in a room with two gates. None of the encounters were the one I needed, and my first time through I actually went to the wrong gate, and then spent an hour killing the wrong encounters – no bounty, no loot. Whewps. I warped out and started again. Activated the first gate, found the second gate in BEHIND the gigantic structure blocking my way, decided to stealth, made my way around the structure, and finally activated the gate to the ‘Overrun Security Corridor’ – where I attempted to kill the Cybertron stuff, but there’s all sorts of other things in there, including a group that were too close to where I warped in and were not what I needed at all.

I over pulled on my first attempt, and had to warp off after killing only one Cybertron. I am not sure what I had on me that didn’t like me, but something out of the group of 20 or so angry ships HURT. Due to the nature of gates, I couldn’t just go back to where I was, nope. I had to activate the first gate, sneak around the structure and activate the second gate, and then finally find myself (once more) in the room I needed. This time I was much more careful about my pulling. I killed 15 ships in the system – everything I could see – and did not get the drop.

I waited a few minutes, and a few more encounters that I needed spawned. Eventually, I managed to get the random drop I needed.

This quest was a pain in the ass! Between making sure I was ducking through the right gates, to making sure I was killing the right things (in a mess of other things) and the lack of actual direction or instruction on where I should ever be – oof.

I did walk away with another huge chunk of faction, and a storeline BPC that seemed pretty neat. I suppose that was worth it, but I was still frustrated. Tomorrow I hope to find my way to an actual mission giving agent who rewards LP so I can start that grind.

Fly safe! o7

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