** Before I start this post, I do want to say that I know I pretended to be new when I wasn’t, and that isn’t the greatest behaviour, but I *was* on a new account, and I thought it was neat that they reached out **

I have 3 EVE accounts. One account has my ‘main’, and is in a corporation of just me right now. I did try out Catskull Cartel but it wasn’t for me. That’s OK, not every corporation is going to be a forever home. I have a second account, far less skills, this account has my Signal Cartel (love this corporation, can’t say enough good things about them) character on it and two PI alts. The account has been around since 2009 or so, but I barely ever kept up with it.

Then I have a 3rd account, this one is brand new, and is linked through steam. I created a character on the account in the hopes of doing something completely different from the norm (for me, at least), and I wanted to get some blog posts in about starting a fresh account and doing the AIR Career path along with whatever happened next. I also wanted to see what was available as an alpha, and test out content without having the omega skills. I see lots of YT videos following this path, and I find it interesting.

While I was finishing up the AIR Career path a GM Maverick reached out to me, and asked how I was enjoying EVE. They said they saw I was a new player (the account is 41 days old, alpha). I didn’t mention that it was just an alt account, instead I went forward as though I was a new player. I explained what I thought about the introductory quests, and they offered some advice on what I should do next, and where I should go. The interaction was wholesome and I loved it, especially in an age where very few MMORPG have these sorts of interactions any more.

They gave me a few beginner friendly ships (the same ones the AIR Career will provide) and a Gallente welcome package, which was neat.

In fact, the more I play EVE, the more I fall in love with parts of the culture – and that’s not to say there isn’t also a lot I dislike about the culture (it can be pretty rough) but surrounding myself with positive influences has been key. Anyway, I hope GM Maverick knows that their interactions made a difference and were greatly appreciated.

Fly your way. o7

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