The ‘easy’ way for me to buy a Stratios would be to just use ISK and buy it off of the market – but what fun is that! Having goals (large and small) in EVE Online is essential to game play. My goal, is to earn enough LP to purchase the BPC and then to craft the ship myself.

SOE sells the BPC for 120,000 LP (and 30,000,000 ISK). Because my game time is limited, and I don’t want to burn out by running missions (they’re not the most exciting things in game to do) I’m going to aim at earning around 5,000 LP a day. That will mean it takes me approximately 24 days to earn enough LP to afford the BPC. Give or take. Right now I CAN work with L4 agents, but I don’t think my Tengu is the ship of choice I want to use for that – so I’m sticking to L3 agents. If I can find a reliable L4 mission runner that I can actually fly, I will probably swap over. Getting into different combat ships has been difficult for me, I’m so used to flying just a tiny handful and doing pretty specific things. I think I’d like a little reprieve from the ammo heavy missiles I’m used to, and I might even head towards some sort of drone ship. Maybe an Ishtar? Rattlesnake? Marauder? There’s just so many suggestions out there. I’ve already got skills in drones from previous years I played, but I have no clue when it comes to deciding what to fly. It doesn’t help that EVE is so old that a lot of the posts that show up when I do a google search are from 14+ years ago, heh. I’ve taken to adding the year at the end of my searches so I can try to find something a bit more updated.

Speaking of updates! April 30th marks the beginning of Capsuleer Day, and it will be my first time ever participating! I’m excited. Expect future posts!

Fly your way.. o7

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